What is Oil and Gas Virtual Summit? Your Ultimate Guide

what is virtual oil and gas summit

The events industry in the world has changed and adopting well to a new normal. Oil and gas industry has not been left behind in accepting the new realities.

In the past, most oil and gas events have been in person and in physical venues. This has changed and you probably you have been invited to, or attended several virtual summits in the last couple of months.

When I decided to host the oil and gas virtual summit, it was in response to the global travel restrictions and the collapse of crude oil prices. I know you might be wondering, what is an oil and gas virtual summit? Let us discuss further.

What is oil and gas virtual summit? This is a 5-day online event that brings together oil and gas executive leaders, as well as professionals to address the issues within the industry. It is a platform that provides investors in the oil and gas industry with an opportunity to propose solutions and ideas that would improve oil and gas prices as well as discuss business opportunities across the value chain. Oil and Gas Virtual Summit was launched in March, 2020 under the leadership of Joe Watson Gakuo, the founder of the summit.

This is an online-only event driven by the desire to provide thought leadership, and exchange ideas on the best way to improve the industry. Participants learn of innovative ways to manage a business during a crisis and how to improve business performance.

The event brings together the entire global oil and gas industry to discuss the challenges affecting the industry today, and to propose solutions that would help the industry revival. It is also a smart way to promote remote working.

Length of Oil and Gas Virtual Summit.

This virtual event takes five days of content which includes industry interviews, leader’s presentation, panel discussions and a collaborative production of industry reports.

“We are always excited to host this event, and be part of those keen to provide a platform to discuss and look at the problems of the industry, and the solutions we need. We are passionate about the oil and gas industry, and the success of everyone in the value chain of close to our hearts.” said Joe Watson Gakuo, convener and host of this virtual summit.

The presentations from this virtual event have been uploaded on YouTube. You can watch them and more content by becoming a subscriber of this channel on YouTube.

This summit brings together leaders drawn who include government officials, exploration firms, national oil companies, oilfield services providers, entrepreneurs, local support suppliers and other stakeholders.

The event attracts a global audience. The most recent event had speakers and participants from all continents in the world. Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia as well as Australia.

“Oil and gas industry is going through an uncertain period. I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to collaborate in finding solutions that will help all the players in the industry to move the sector forward.” Added Mr. Gakuo

Benefits of Oil and Gas Virtual Summit

From the experience of hosting oil and gas virtual summit, I wish I could tell you that virtual summits are easy to host. The truth is, they are not. A virtual event is as hard to put together as an in-person one. You need to be ready to commit and focus on making the event a success.

However, here are the benefits of attending this virtual summit.

Lead Generation

Virtual events are a great way to generate leads and build your business network. A great deal of people connects at this event, and the relationships you create will continue beyond the event dates.

Planning this event with a colleague made things a lot easier because we had someone to split the workload and bounce ideas off of. It is also easier to pool your combined connections to get the best group of speakers.

Creating New Networks

Oil and gas virtual summit opens doors and provides an opportunity for you to meet new people. The idea of connecting with business leaders from across different corners of the globe makes the effort of the attending this virtual summit worthwhile.

Helps You Save Money

With the event being held online, you get a chance to save on travel and accommodation expenses that you would have otherwise incurred to attend an in-person event.

It is also a very cost-effective way to promote your brand or products by way of partnering with this virtual summit as a sponsor.

Comfort and Convenience

Virtual events allow you to attend from the comfort and safety of your home or office – this means a much more relaxed environment. You do not need to walk around the venue to find the room for each session or even the restroom; you can sit on your couch or your own office and just enjoy the presentations. This means less stress, less tiredness, and more energy to dedicate to staying focused on the content that matters to you.

The video below is a presentation from ExxonMobil of how to manage local content in oil and gas.


With a virtual event you can access more content, more sessions, more material, and network with a larger and more international pool of professionals from around the world without impacting on the environment.

This virtual summit is related to the Upstream Awards, an event that celebrates achievements across the upstream oil and gas sector.