Are virtual events going to be the future?

are virtual events going to be the future

When I set out to create and organize a virtual summit for the oil and gas industry in March, 2020, I did not know what to expect. In previous years, I used to spend a significant amount of time each year organizing and attending physical oil and gas events in Kenya, Uganda and across other cities in Africa as well as across the world. Right now, the big question is; are virtual events going to be the future?

Virtual events are going to play a key role in the future. There is an increasing demand for all things virtual for the next 12 to 36 months. Even after live events and conferences make their way back into marketing strategies and budgets, virtual events will continue to be a part of the event industry.

Having attended a few virtual events over the last few weeks and after hosting my own oil and gas virtual summit, I have definitely changed my perspective on the above. Here are a few key takeaways on why I have grown to love about virtual events.

Access to High-Quality Speakers

Easier access to high-quality speakers regardless of where they live or where your event is taking place

Now that events are taking place online, it is easier than ever before to get top-notch speakers from around the world. Previously, they used to have to travel, sometimes across continents, just to spend 30 minutes on stage.

For our Oil and Gas Virtual Summit, Jasper Peijs, Vice President of Africa Exploration at BP, dialled in as a speaker from the comfort of his living room in the UK whilst I was running the event from our office in Kenya. Talk about convenience.

I was initially sceptical about virtual events: what was the point in attending if you could not benefit from the networking piece and meet cool companies? Would people really spend half a day watching a virtual event and why would they not just watch a YouTube recording of it? Don’t get me started on Zoom fatigue

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